Trevi Fountain Rome Italy

Looking to Escape the US? Here Are Some Options

Every four years there is a US presidential election, and every four years, some are looking to escape the US. Here are some options for Americans who may want to leave the United States.  Follow us on Instagram. Extended-Stay Visas Many countries now offer extended-stay visas, especially due to COVID-19. This may be to the

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Matcha Tea Inside a Japanese Tea House

Inside a Japanese Tea House

Inside a Japanese Tea House, you’ll find no furniture, no chairs, no tables, and absolutely no shoes. What you will find is creamy, green matcha and lovely sweets, properly prepared and served on tatami mats.  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  Walking Inside a Japanese Tea House Walking inside a Japanese Tea House the first

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Luxury Travel Agency

What Being a Luxury Travel Agency Means for Clients

There’s a distinct difference between a travel agency and a true luxury travel agency. But it’s not what they sell or who they sell to, it’s what they deliver to their clients that makes all the difference.  Follow Scott and Thomas on Instagram.  Travel Agencies vs. Luxury Travel Agencies Anyone can book the Ritz, that

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Personalized Travel Experience & Agency | Scott & Thomas

What Are the CDC Travel Guidelines?

Travelling is difficult with current limitations and restrictions in place, but the CDC travel guidelines can help you fly safely.  Follow us on social media Travel Is Possible Whether you want to stay closer to home or want to see Europe and fly further afield – you can absolutely travel. And really, if you follow

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Conrad hotel Cartagena Colombia

Destination: Travel Cartagena, Colombia

Why travel Cartagena, Colombia? It’s one of our favorite destinations in the world for its rich history, charming walled city, and tasty food. Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  It’s Close to the US While South America is viewed as a long distance from the US mainland, northern South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Equador, Suriname)

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Roman style Trevi Restaurant

Best Pizza Places in Rome, Italy

Who serves the best pizza in Rome? We came, we saw, we devoured. After many trips to the Eternal City from our entire staff, here are some of the best pizza places in Rome, Italy. Follow Scott and Thomas on Instagram.  Roman-Style Pizza is Square not Round Contrary to most traditionally held beliefs about pizza,

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Conrad hotel Cartagena Colombia

Mileage Pro: What Is Air Travel Status?

When you’re boarding an airplane and always seem to find yourself in Group 5, I’m the one pre-boarding. Why? Because I have air travel status. Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  What Is Air Travel Status? Airlines, Hotels, and Car Rental Agencies reward their most frequent customers with elite status. Status of varying levels allows

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Everything about you is unique – your travel plans should be too. Delivering what our customers want before they know they want it is how we define luxury travel.


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