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We don’t hire travel agents, we appoint luxury concierge staff. It’s not just semantics, our team handles our clients needs from flight routings to dinner reservations.

Our concierges better understand our clients because they live and travel like our clients. They stay in premium hotels and resorts, fly in lie-flat business class, and seek out experiences in the world that make life more enjoyable. 

Our staff have lived abroad on 2.1 continents, speak 2.4 languages, have visited 34 countries on 3.9 continents on average. That makes us different, more experienced, and more capable to deliver a memorable, end-to-end luxury experience. 

To see what our concierge staff can do for you, reach out today. 


It is our commitment to creating the most tailor made travel in the world which drives the attention to detail at the heart of our boutique luxury travel agency. By celebrating the authentic cultures, natural wonders, and people around the world, we create more than luxury holidays, we build lifelong moments and memories for all of our guests.

Driven by an elite global network of likeminded contacts, we ensure unparalleled access to VIP services and global events. Members of The Conte Club are welcomed all around the world as VIP clients with all the benefits of being part of a Private Travel Club.

Whether it’s luxury food and wine experiences, art and architecture tours, high-end fashion visits, adventure activities, luxury-brand corporate trips, destination weddings and luxury events; we are driven by creating unique, spectacular experiences with flawless execution every time.

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For all Partnership enquiries please click HERE

For all Partnership enquiries please click HERE