Conrad Hotel Hong Kong

Destination: Travel Hong Kong, China

Why travel Hong Kong, China? Some scholars refer to Hong Kong as the Peral of the Orient, but that’s insufficient. Hong Kong, China is easily one of our favorite destinations in the world.  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  Like Manhattan, in a Jungle If you haven’t been to Hong Kong before, you may be

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Best Family Vacation Bangkok Thailand

Best Family Vacation Spots

We have gathered our best family vacation spots from all over the world. From domestic US destinations to the Far East, these are the best places to take your family just to get away. Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  What Makes The Best Family Vacation The best family vacation should be defined as one

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Delivering More as Disney Travel Agents

Disney Travel Agents – We Deliver More

As Disney travel agents, we have methods to deliver even more joy at Disney Parks. We can get you the most out of the happiest place on earth. Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  It’s a Small World Afterall Walt Disney World resorts and parks range from California to Florida but also France, China, Hong

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Scott & Thomas Travel Personalized

What Does “Travel Personalized” Mean?

Personalized travel is so important to our client’s experience that we added it to our agency name. So, what does “travel personalized” mean?  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram. Travel Personalized We model our approach to customer service on the hotel concierge experience. We want to know our client’s likes and dislikes. It’s as important to

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Jet lag

How to Beat Jet Lag in 7 Easy Ways

Jet lag can ruin a trip across the world. But with some tools and rules, you can beat jet lag and make the most of your trip. Here are 7 of the ways that I beat jet lag. Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram. What is Jet Lag? When travelling across time zones, a person’s

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Christmas Markets Manchester England

Destination: Travel Manchester, England

Why travel Manchester, England? Home to the first industrial revolution, and now an amazing food scene in the world, Manchester, England is a surprising delight. Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  It’s Not London, It’s Better In the northwest of England and just 20 miles from the western coast, Manchester is England’s second city but

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Prepare for more spacing at the pool

What to Expect While Traveling in the Wake of Covid-19 

Masks. Lots of masks. Masks on airplanes, masks in airports, masks in Uber rides, and even required in some cities. Don’t let these requirements deter you from enjoying your holiday. Following these guidelines for your protection as well as those around you, will help you when traveling in the wake of Covid-19. Follow us on

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Best Family Vacation Bangkok Thailand

Destination: Travel Bangkok, Thailand

Why travel Bangkok Thailand? We love it so much that 50% of our staff have lived there! We know Bangkok like the back of our hands, here are the things you should know too.  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  Warm, Welcoming, Easy Thai isn’t spoken by very many Americans but that’s ok, the Australians,

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The Forum Rome Italy

Destination: Travel Rome, Italy

Why travel Rome, Italy? This city is an absolute must for any tourist. Called the Eternal City, history and monuments meet modern takes on dining and Italian life.  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  Roman Holiday Every traveler should see Rome at least once before they die. It’s easy to be inspired by a Roman

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Everything about you is unique – your travel plans should be too. Delivering what our customers want before they know they want it is how we define luxury travel.


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