What to Expect While Traveling in the Wake of Covid-19 

October 15, 2020

Masks. Lots of masks. Masks on airplanes, masks in airports, masks in Uber rides, and even required in some cities. Don’t let these requirements deter you from enjoying your holiday. Following these guidelines for your protection as well as those around you, will help you when traveling in the wake of Covid-19.

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Non-essential Travel

All tourism right now is considered non-essential, at least by the Centers for Disease Control and most Americans. Travellers can certainly check the federal website to determine COVID-19 risk for visitors from the United States. They should wear a mask when in public to avoid falling ill from COVID-19, and should they become ill, self-isolate for 14 days. Where possible observe social distancing to reduce the chance of getting and spreading COVID-19.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, those with existing medical conditions who have increased risk levels should closely follow travel restrictions, adhere to local health guidelines, and follow what the CDC recommends. However, crowded flights aren’t currently a problem as most airlines are struggling to fill seats above 50%.

Contact a concierge for personalized guidance.

At Your Destination


Hotels are operational, and the staff has been waiting to take care of your needs. They have been trained on social distancing. Expect your room to be pristinely clean, and housekeeping to only enter if you request service. Pool chairs are likely going to be spaced six feet apart, and the pool bar might have moved their seating around tables. There will be small, noticeable changes to help you feel safe enough to fully enjoy your getaway. 

Pool spacing when traveling in the wake of Covid-19
Prepare for more spacing at the pool when traveling in the wake of Covid-19


Restaurants are slowly beginning to open, and servers are happy to finally be back at work. Most menus will be disposable paper, or there will be a QR code to scan with your smartphone tableside. If the inside is not open, most patios are, with tables appropriately spaced apart. Ask your concierge to call ahead to check requirements before you get there. 

Restaurant service when traveling in the wake of Covid-19
Restaurant service will change when traveling in the wake of Covid-19

You should expect friendly people looking to make connections and enjoy life the same way you are. Everyone is looking to return to normalcy, and while things may not feel “normal,” this new normal still provides human experiences, connections, and joy. 

Getting Back to the Joy of Travel

Travelling is still going to bring a sense of joy. Whether it’s drinks on a patio overlooking Sullivan’s Island, a road trip to a place you’ve never been, or hiking a 14-er in Colorado, there are so many reasons to get away, even during a global pandemic. 

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart.”

 – Anthony Bourdain 

What can you do?

  1. How are people outside of your area doing? What is life like in a new city? Answer your curiosities by fully immersing yourself. 
  2. Tacos. Travel for tacos. Street tacos in Texas or barbequed tacos in Tennessee. Or, head to Cancun for some bottomless margaritas and all-you-can-eat tacos. Currently, there are no restrictions as long as you arrive by plane. Wherever you choose, it doesn’t matter, tacos are always a reason to travel. 
  3. For yourself. When you travel you discover something new about yourself. Travelling during a global pandemic could help you feel more secure in the current situations. It might restore your faith in humanity. It may reignite the love you once had for travel, only in a new way. 

Contact a concierge to see what’s available for Americans today.

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