Incredible Antarctica

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Note: These vessels are limited to a certain number of passengers and we have already sold out our allotment for one of the sailings; be advised that dates and availability are shifting. 

Limited bookings remain available

Booking a once (or twice) in a lifetime trip to Antarctica has radically changed from just a few years ago. In recent history, the only way to experience the 7th continent was in ships built for rough seas in harsh environments but not passenger comfort. Those expeditions priced rather similarly to Seabourn’s modern, luxurious cruises but offered none of the style, comfort, and detail that Seabourn has put into its offering. 

Below you will find specific information pertaining to sailings offered now, but for a personal consultation, please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our agency, Scott & Thomas Travel Personalized, is focused on offering the best premium travel experienced in the world that improves our clients lives in a meaningful way. From booking, to meal selection on the aircraft, private transfers to a luxury hotel or simply enhancing a trip with a cooking class, guided city tour, or room service for two – we handle every trip so our clients can relax and enjoy themselves. 


November is when most cruise lines kick off their Antarctica season.

 See Antarctica when the snow is still fresh and the penguins are resting atop unexplored snowbanks. Beating the rest of the tourists and scientist to Antarctica.  Visiting in November is fantastic for penguin viewing. The days start to lengthen and penguin chicks start to hatch. As you sail to Antarctica watch out for the beautiful spring wildflowers which are blooming on the sub Antarctic islands, and albatrosses, petrels and other seabirds can be spotted over the Drake Passage. 


December is arguably the best month to visit Antarctica. Temperatures warm up to some of the hottest of the year, and as the summer solstice arrives, so does the long hours of daylight and wildlife active everywhere. Enjoy 22-23 hours of daylight. Typically, December is  also the most expensive time to visit, but this changes in 2023 thanks for inaugural seasonal pricing on the Seabourn Pursuit.   December also brings a ton of wildlife highlights include migrating whales and seal pups season. Bird viewing remains high as many birds seek their mate for spring time.


Summer is in full swing and Peak season continues in Antarctica. The sun is up nearly 24 hours, giving plenty of opportunity for wildlife sightings. By January penguin chicks are getting larger and seals and whales sightings are abundant. Weather tends to be slightly warmer and more predictable. Cruises in January tend to be the most expensive due to being the most sought after time to visit. 


Whale lovers rejoice! In February, keep your eyes peeled for humpback, sperm, minke, southern right and orca whales.Animals are in full abundance as well including late hatching penguin chicks along with Fur seals and their seal pups. Summer and cruising in Antarctica is winding down, but still enjoy 21+ hours of sunlight and typically good weather. 

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