Best Family Vacation Bangkok Thailand

Destination: Travel Bangkok, Thailand

Why travel Bangkok Thailand? We love it so much that 50% of our staff have lived there! We know Bangkok like the back of our hands, here are the things you should know too.  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  Warm, Welcoming, Easy Thai isn’t spoken by very many Americans but that’s ok, the Australians,

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The Forum Rome Italy

Destination: Travel Rome, Italy

Why travel Rome, Italy? This city is an absolute must for any tourist. Called the Eternal City, history and monuments meet modern takes on dining and Italian life.  Follow Scott & Thomas on Instagram.  Roman Holiday Every traveler should see Rome at least once before they die. It’s easy to be inspired by a Roman

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The beaches of Sanya, China

Those Who Go, Know

Our Staff Travels… A Lot What makes Scott & Thomas so different from other travel agencies is that our concierges travel as you will. We fly coach, premium economy, business, and first-class. We take trains, Ubers, airport transfers, and even helicopters. We stay in hostels, Airbnbs, business hotels, and five-star palaces. A lot of agents

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Glacier Park

Covid-19 Safe Travel for Americans

Yes, it is possible to have Covid-19 safe travel, but it is essential to follow guidelines to help keep you and those around you safe. After four months of quarantine, getting out of town might be the best decision you can make for your mental health. Be sure to follow each country’s Covid-19 guidelines to help keep

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