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Why travel Bangkok Thailand? We love it so much that 50% of our staff have lived there! We know Bangkok like the back of our hands, here are the things you should know too. 

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Warm, Welcoming, Easy

Thai isn’t spoken by very many Americans but that’s ok, the Australians, Canadians, and British have made English commonplace around Thailand so it’s very easy to navigate with signs typically in both languages and spoken in nearly any place that wishes to sell anything. The weather is warm but so are the people, Thailand is consistently one of the happiest countries in the world. The flights are long, but it’s worth it for the high level of luxury and bargain prices in one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

What Makes Bangkok Great

It’s hard to beat travelling Bangkok, Thailand. The people are happy and welcoming, an easy-to-use metro system includes boats, subways, and elevated trains, low costs, great weather, excellent food – there’s a personality so unique to Bangkok that can’t be missed nor forgotten. Oddly, Bangkok is also famous for its many large shopping malls, some right next to one another, each of which specializes in something slightly different, be it luxury, handmade goods, etc.


Thailand is famous for its cuisine in which each dish aims to be evenly balanced between sweet, sour, spicy, and savory. What makes Bangkok so incredible is the diversity of its food scene.

Impromptu restaurants with plastic stools on sidewalks serve some of the best food in town for as little as $.60 for a grilled chicken skewer to $3 for a heaping plate of Pad Thai. In case you’re worried about trusting street food restaurants, rest easy, one such impromptu restaurant (now with a fixed location) has earned a Michelin star for culinary excellence. Some of the top restaurants in the world call Bangkok home.

Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Fish cakes
Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Fish cakes

Palace and Temples

The city is filled with Buddhist temples (“Wat”) like Wat Arun and the Grand Palace, open for tourism. The stunning attention to detail will captivate any visitor to these popular tourist attractions. Many are also accessible by river taxi, creating an unusual but delightful way to see the city’s most beautiful sites. Visitors should also try the floating markets, private tours leave below the Saphin Taksin BTS station.

Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Best Family Vacation
Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Best Family Vacation


Costs in Thailand are incredibly low – without a reduction of quality. The taxi in from the airport is one of the most expensive individual costs (about $25 with tolls and tip) but can be avoided by spending less than $10 for a high-speed train into the city. The city’s famous Tuk Tuks (autorickshaws) make short trips a breeze and avoid traffic for $1-3/trip.

Luxury Hotels

Unique to Bangkok, the city has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world for incredibly affordable prices. Four and five-star hotels from leading brands across the world range from $120-280/night. For example, the utterly stunning Waldorf-Astoria with Ferragamo toiletries, heated bidet toilet seats, marble floors and 1800-thread count sheets would set guests back close to $1,000/night in New York but sell for just $250 in Bangkok.

The Park Hyatt (pictured below) features floor-to-ceiling windows, clean, modern luxury, modern amenities, and the best brunch in town for $220-260/night. High-end chains like the Conrad by Hilton can run $300-400/night elsewhere in the world but in Bangkok prices have been seen below $100.

Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Luxury hotel experience
Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Luxury hotel experience


Bangkok is hot year-round. Thailand sits just above the equator and consists of islands, an isthmus, and even rainforest jungles. Good news, however, the city is filled with excellent air conditioning as a relief from the city, in fact, some of the best can be found on the elevated metro (BTS.) The rainy season is between April and September, rain typically lasts for an hour in the late afternoon.

Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Infinity pool sights
Travel Bangkok Thailand for the Infinity pool sights

Let’s Go

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