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The Forum Rome Italy

Why travel Rome, Italy? This city is an absolute must for any tourist. Called the Eternal City, history and monuments meet modern takes on dining and Italian life. 

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Roman Holiday

Every traveler should see Rome at least once before they die. It’s easy to be inspired by a Roman holiday. The Eternal City has it all: whether it’s historical sights, delicious food, or a generally warm climate, it’s hard to be disappointed. The easiest thing anyone can do to improve their life forever is to simply visit Rome; luckily for our clients, all of our concierges have extensive travel experience in Italy including our Italian concierge, Erika Gallese.

Let us be your travel guide.

What Makes Rome Great

The city is surprisingly walkable. From the Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum and Colisseum, even those that don’t regularly walk long distances can easily handle the city by foot. If you need a break, stop off for gelato or pizza as you see fit. Don’t forget to visit the smallest city/state in the world, the Vatican – an independent nation within Roman borders. Even if you’re not Catholic, seeing St. Peter’s basilica, St. Peter’s square, and the Sistene Chapel is something everyone should do at least once.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Travel Rome for the Food

Trust us – you really haven’t eaten Italian until you’ve had it in Italy. Rome has it’s own unique pizza style where slices are cut with scissors and weighed, or you can always snag a Napoli-style and conquer it with a knife and fork. Cacio e pepe (parmesan pasta), meatballs, ravioli, paninis, expertly executed espresso, and more gelato ice cream are so good you may be looking at apartments before your trip ends.

Handmade pizza in Rome, Italy
Handmade pizza in Rome, Italy

Travel Rome for the Architectural Ruins

To be so close to history is truly breathtaking. Walking through the ruins, you’ll rest on fallen pillars now serving as benches and march through the tunnels that gladiators once used to fight for their honor. Even those who aren’t history buffs will be captivated by the beauty of the timeless artifacts that reside alongside modern conveniences.

The Forum in Rome, Italy
The Forum in Rome, Italy
The Coliseum in Rome, Italy
The Coliseum in Rome, Italy

Travel Rome for the Lower Costs

Italy is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency (we can help you with currency conversion apps, tips, and tricks.) As a result, Rome is generally as expensive as large US cities. Hotels can be slightly more than what you might pay at home due to limited new build properties. A meal for a family of three will range between €45-75.

Travel Rome for the Hotels

Boutique hotels, private home rentals, and international chains are all options in Rome. Space is at a premium but the location is really the key factor to consider. On our last trip to Rome, we were just a five-minute walk from the Spanish steps and around the corner from the Embassy district.

See the city streets in Rome, Italy
See the city streets in Rome, Italy

Travel Rome for the Climate

The Central Italian city is warm most of the year and downright hot in the summer. In December, you’ll need a jacket, but it rarely drops below freezing. However, in the summer the heat can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37C.), so for those with the flexibility, we recommend visits during shoulder seasons (April/May or September/October), for a warm but not hot experience and reduced crowds.

Let’s Go

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