Magical Moments: A Guide to Disney Cruise Concierge Level

Experience the ultimate luxury and relaxation on a Disney Cruise with their concierge-level rooms, offering exclusive perks such as priority boarding, access to a private lounge with complimentary drinks, and personalized itineraries for a stress-free cruising experience.
January 4, 2024

Experience the ultimate luxury and relaxation on a Disney Cruise with their concierge-level rooms, offering exclusive perks such as priority boarding, access to a private lounge with complimentary drinks, and personalized itineraries for a stress-free cruising experience.

disney cruise concierge cruise ship Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line


Booking a concierge-level room on a Disney Cruise Line provides guests with an array of Disney Cruise Concierge perks, setting the stage for a superior and indulgent experience at sea. These exclusive benefits are thoughtfully curated to deliver a luxurious, stress-free voyage for travelers who appreciate the finer things in life.

With Disney Cruise Concierge perks, guests are treated to priority boarding, ensuring a smooth and swift start to their adventure. Once on board, the privileges continue with preferred seating at entertainment shows, early access to onboard activities, and a dedicated concierge team to assist with any needs. An exclusive highlight is the access to a private lounge, where complimentary wine, beer, and spirits await to toast the beginning of a magical journey.

Concierge-level guests receive priority booking for shore excursions, allowing them to secure their top choices before others. On the final day, they benefit from priority debarkation, making their transition back to land as effortless as possible. Furthermore, in ports where tender boats are required, concierge guests enjoy priority tendering, adding another layer of convenience to their excursion experiences.

Choosing a Disney Cruise Concierge room means embracing an enhanced cruise experience filled with special touches, elevated service, and an extra dose of Disney magic, designed to create an unforgettable vacation that goes above and beyond ordinary cruising.

Benefits of Concierge or Club Level Rooms

Concierge-level rooms on a Disney cruise offer numerous benefits:

  1. Priority boarding, show seating, and onboard activity access.
  2. Access to a private lounge with complimentary drinks.
  3. Priority booking for excursions and activities.
  4. Expedited debarkation and tendering to ports.
  5. Personal concierge service for a hassle-free experience.

These perks provide a luxurious, convenient, and stress-free cruise vacation.

Cost and Considerations

Disney Cruise Line Concierge-level rooms are quite expensive, with prices starting around $3,000 for a short trip for two and increasing significantly for larger suites or longer cruises. These rooms offer luxury and personalized services such as private lounges, priority boarding, and special access to activities and dining.

When deciding if it’s worth the extra cost, consider the value the amenities add to your cruise experience, especially for shorter trips where time is limited, and the desire for a more exclusive and indulgent vacation is high.

disney cruise concierge kids by the pool Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Concierge Lounge and Amenities

The concierge lounge on a Disney cruise is a secluded and luxurious retreat exclusively available to concierge-level guests. This private lounge is designed to offer a serene and comfortable space for guests to unwind and indulge in light snacks, small plates, and complimentary beer, wine, and spirits, creating a truly elevated cruise experience. For example, guests can savor a glass of premium wine while enjoying a peaceful ocean view, adding an extra touch of indulgence to their vacation.

Moreover, concierge-level guests have the privilege of accessing private sun decks, which are adorned with comfortable lounge chairs, umbrellas, hot tubs. This exclusive outdoor space provides a tranquil haven for guests to bask in the sun, take in breathtaking sea views, and enjoy moments of relaxation away from the bustling areas of the ship. For instance, guests can immerse themselves in a good book while reclining on a plush sun lounger, simply unwind in the soothing waters of the hot tub, or getting themselves spa treatments creating unforgettable memories amidst the luxurious amenities. This access to private and refined spaces reflects the unparalleled level of comfort and exclusivity that comes with booking a concierge-level room on a Disney cruise.

Concierge Services and Hosts

You’re stepping into a realm of exclusive services that amplify the magic and comfort of your vacation. Before you even set sail, you benefit from pre-arrival services that grant you priority when booking the cruise line’s sought-after activities, dining options, and shore excursions. This early access is orchestrated by a dedicated Concierge Team, who cater to your needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable start to your adventure.

Once aboard, a Concierge Host is at your service, offering a personal touch to your stay. They’re there to recommend the best onboard experiences, respond to any specific needs, and guarantee you have all you desire for a delightful cruise. One of the special advantages of staying at this level is the chance to reserve cabanas on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, ahead of others, providing a serene spot to unwind during your island visit.

Concierge-level accommodations don’t just end with exceptional service; they also include special gifts and superior stateroom amenities that bring a sense of indulgence to your living space. These thoughtful details ensure your cruise is not just a trip but a luxurious retreat. Plus, with complimentary internet access provided to concierge guests, you’re always just a click away from sharing your experiences or staying in touch with the world ashore.

A Disney Cruise with concierge benefits will unlock a world of personalized attention, premium benefits, and exclusive privileges that enrich your holiday and make it an experience to cherish.

disney cruise concierge themed restaurant Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Personalized Itinerary and Special Dining

Prepare to be treated to a host of special amenities designed to enhance your vacation. One of the highlights is the exclusive dining room seating included in your personalized itinerary, which is accessible via the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. This app not only keeps you in the loop but also offers tailored recommendations to ensure you make the most of your time at sea.

Your concierge experience is marked by special dining arrangements that provide a unique atmosphere distinct from the main dining areas. Enjoy private meals in select spots on the ship, themed dinners, and the chance to experience a chef’s table where every dish is a work of art, courtesy of the ship’s culinary team. The personalized attention to your dining room seating and service is a testament to the luxurious and intimate dining encounters reserved for concierge guests.

But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. You’ll have access to intimate meet-and-greet sessions with beloved Disney characters—perfect for creating memorable moments with the little ones.

Worth of Concierge Level

Shorter wait times make holidays more enjoyable. The benefits depend on the time of year, travel path, size of the ship, and how big the family is, with more advantages during busy times and for bigger groups. Extra perks like special presents, better facilities, and first dibs on reservations and unique activities make the higher-priced concierge service worth it for those who want a lavish and relaxed trip.

disney cruise concierge premium room Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Comparison with Standard Rooms

When deciding between concierge and standard rooms on a Disney cruise, consider the following differences:

Concierge Rooms:

  • Luxury Features: Concierge rooms boast high-end furnishings and sophisticated décor, offering a more opulent experience. Think premium bedding, generous space, and tasteful design.
  • Exclusive Access: Guests in these rooms can enjoy private lounges and sun decks, away from the crowds. These areas typically include plush lounge chairs, umbrellas, and hot tubs, perfect for relaxation with a view.
  • Special Perks: Those staying in concierge rooms get special gifts and superior room amenities, elevating the cruise experience.
  • Internet Access: Concierge guests often receive complimentary internet, allowing for easy online access throughout the journey.

Standard Rooms:

  • Basic Comfort: Standard rooms provide the essentials for a comfortable stay without the frills of the concierge level.
  • Affordable: These rooms are a more economical choice for travelers who prioritize budget over luxury.

Concierge Accommodation Examples:

  • Concierge Wish Tower Suite
  • Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah
  • Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
  • Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah
  • Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah

In short, concierge rooms are about upscale comfort and exclusive perks, while standard rooms offer a more basic cruise experience.

disney cruise concierge island ship Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line


In summary, choosing a concierge-level room on a Disney cruise comes with many benefits, making your trip extra special and relaxing. It’s perfect for those who value luxury, convenience, and exclusive experiences.

Consider concierge level if you want a memorable, hassle-free cruise, especially if you’re traveling with children or looking for luxury on a shorter trip. It’s about matching the perks with what’s important to you for your ideal cruise experience.

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