Mileage Pro: What Is Air Travel Status?

October 25, 2020

When you’re boarding an airplane and always seem to find yourself in Group 5, I’m the one pre-boarding. Why? Because I have air travel status.

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What Is Air Travel Status?

Airlines, Hotels, and Car Rental Agencies reward their most frequent customers with elite status. Status of varying levels allows those very frequent customers to enjoy special perks and benefits over casual or one-time customers. By offering status and benefits, travelers are more likely to stay loyal, spend more money, and are generally an asset to the travel provider.

Generally, airlines award status once a traveler reaches 25, 50, 75, or 100,000 miles in a year and may or may not have a revenue requirement as well, incrementally increasing from $5,000 to $15,000. The higher the status level, the better the benefits, for example, the entry-level status may include slightly elevated boarding groups and preferred seat assignments while the very highest elites might have free upgrades to first-class even internationally. For hotel chains and car rental agencies, those levels start at 10 frequencies and top out as high as 100.

Why Do I Want It?

Depending on how high your status with an airline, hotel, or car rental agency climbs, the benefits can be worth tens of thousands of dollars every year. For example, I have top-tier status with American Airlines and United Airlines. Boarding faster is nice, free snack boxes in the back of the plane are ok too, but every year I have enough upgrades to move up to business or first class from a cheap coach ticket on any flight. I have flown to Hong Kong on $400 tickets and used my upgrade to move up to a lie-flat bed in a seat that sells for $18,000 – for nothing out of pocket.

Here are some of the benefits flyers can receive with status:

  • Unlimited upgrades to domestic first-class (usually including Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean but excluding Hawaii)
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority security
  • Expedited points accumulation
  • Free and preferred seat assignments
  • Free upgrades on long-haul international flights
  • Airport lounge access
  • Expanded award availability
  • and many, many more
Korean Airlines lie flat business class
Korean Airlines lie flat business class

Don’t forget about hotels, in fact, those are my favorite statuses to hold:

  • Upgrades to suites or preferable rooms
  • Included breakfast or room service
  • Expedited points earning
  • Dedicated check-in and service centers
  • Welcome amenities
  • Waived resort fees
  • and many more
Luxury hotel Bangkok Thailand
Luxury hotel Bangkok Thailand

Car rental agencies offer the following:

  • Free upgrades to preferable cars
  • Stored preferences that allow you to just pick your car and drive away
  • Expedited points earnings
  • Have a dedicated car you select in advance, waiting for you when you land
  • Car delivery and pick-up to non-commercial airports
  • and more
Maserati upgrade from National Car Rental
Maserati upgrade from National Car Rental

How Do I Get It?

At Scott & Thomas we want you to have status. It creates a better experience for our guests, it allows them to save money on extras, and everyone generally travels more. We are happy to help our clients and have a four-step process to ensure they garner the best experience from their miles and points accumulation.

  1. Sign clients up for the loyalty program
  2. Show clients how to access and track progress
  3. Send promotions/tips or help them to maximize the value of their status
  4. Assist in booking award tickets so that our clients can save thousands of dollars flying to their favorite destinations.


In summary, the world of air travel has been significantly enhanced by the advent of mileage-tracking apps, transforming the way frequent flyers and business travelers track their mileage. These innovative tools have made it possible to log mileage in real-time, ensuring accuracy and ease for those who regularly embark on business trips. The ability to maintain a detailed mileage log through a mileage tracker is more than a convenience; it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced travel environment.

Business mileage, a critical component for many professionals, can now be monitored with greater precision and efficiency. The integration of GPS tracking within these apps ensures that every mile is accounted for, providing reliable and tracked data that is essential for expense reporting and travel planning. The real-time tracking capability not only offers immediate updates on mileage accumulation but also adds a layer of transparency and control over travel itineraries.

For the modern traveler, especially those who frequently fly for business, these mileage tracking apps are invaluable. They not only simplify the process of recording and reporting travel distances but also help in maximizing the benefits of accumulated miles. By keeping a comprehensive and accurate mileage log, travelers can better understand their travel patterns and make informed decisions about future trips.

The Mileage Pro: Air Travel Status article underscores the importance of these technological advancements in the realm of air travel. The ease and efficiency brought about by these mileage tracking tools have revolutionized the way we view and manage our travel mileage. With the aid of these apps, tracking and leveraging every mile traveled has never been easier, making them an indispensable asset for the savvy business traveler.

Airline, hotel, and car rental status are all important to hold. All of our staff hold some level of status and we have experts that can help you on your journey as well. It’s all part of giving our clients an atypical, world-class experience that they can find nowhere else. Contact one of our concierges today!

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