Travel During COVID-19: Here’s Why There’s Never Been a Better Time To Fly

October 25, 2020

Travel during COVID-19 has gotten a bad rap. Contrary to popular belief, in many ways, there’s never been a better time to travel than right now.

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Travel During COVID-19 Means More Precautions Than Ever Before

Unlike any other time in recent memory, more air travel safety precautions are being performed than ever before. It’s not just hand washing and masks, but a general awareness of good hygiene practices. Due to some of the entry requirements around the world, travelers during COVID-19 that do arrive have already proven that they are virus-free or possess the necessary antibodies. Those with any cold symptoms whatsoever are self-quarantining out of an abundance of caution.

Travel During COVID-19 Means Limited Crowds

Many are staying home but that means for those locations that are open, fewer tourists are visiting. Unlike most summers in Europe, cobble-stoned streets are empty right now creating once in a lifetime opportunities to explore some of the world’s most beautiful locales.

Despite capacity constraints, it’s incredibly easy to secure top-flight restaurant reservations. Upgrades in hotels have become far easier than in the past as occupancy in many places is down to some of the lowest levels in years.

Travel during COVID-19 to Hyatt Alila Bangasar bathroom suite
Hyatt Alila Bangasar bathroom suite

Travel During COVID-19 Means a Great Value for Your Money

When we speak about costs, we don’t refer to the absolute numbers or a low-cost item as being cheap. In fact, we aren’t looking for cheap, we are looking for good value.

Traditionally, some of the best values for money hotels in the world could be found in Bangkok. A night in the St. Regis, the Park Hyatt, or the Waldorf-Astoria – all properties that in New York, London, or Miami fetch $800-1200/night – in Bangkok go for $200-300 with an even higher level of luxury. A stay in the Bangkok Le Meridien would command $400 anywhere else in the world for the location and amenities but due to the incredibly high level of competition in the city, it ranges from $100-140/night. That’s not a cheap hotel, it’s not even a cheap price, but the value for money is incredible.

Like Bangkok hotels, the world is offering terrific value for money right now. Flights in coach from the east coast to Japan were offered two weeks ago for as little as $162 roundtrip with just one stop (they remain cheap at $400-500). That’s cheap, but upgrading them in both directions could be as low as $450/each way for a total of $1062 roundtrip in lie-flat business class is a great value for money.

Travel during COVID-19 in Korean Airlines lie flat business class
Korean Airlines lie flat business class

Get Ready … The World Is Re-Opening

Many countries aren’t just re-opening, they are offering unheard-of access to their countries. For example, Barbados is opening not just for American tourists, but allowing Americans to live and work remotely for up to a year in the country with the Barbados Welcome Stamp program.

Croatia is one of a handful of European countries greeting Americans with open arms. The country runs north and south along the Mediterranean coast opposite Italy and is home to many of the top beaches on the continent.


Traveling during COVID-19? There may have never been a safer, less crowded, time to travel with such great value for money. When clients arrive at their destination, they can be assured that everyone along their journey tested negative for COVID-19 at some point, protocol is in place to keep them safe and healthy. Additionally, resorts have fewer guests, as do airplanes and prices are low. There’s never been a better time to travel than right now.

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