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Best Family Vacation Bangkok Thailand

We have gathered our best family vacation spots from all over the world. From domestic US destinations to the Far East, these are the best places to take your family just to get away.

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What Makes The Best Family Vacation

The best family vacation should be defined as one in which each member of the family is able to fully enjoy themselves and travels together are enhanced. Not everything should be focused around the children as is often the case when families travel together, but give your kids a little credit – they may surprise you, especially as their interests change.

Our Top Five Best Family Vacation Destinations

Here are the very best family vacation destinations in our experience:

  • Cartagena, Colombia – Starting off this list with a surprise for many: Cartagena is a former colonial outpost pre-dating Columbus on Colombia’s northern Caribbean Coast. The city offers beaches and both a new and old walled city. Flights from Florida are just three hours, and families can enjoy authentic, delicious cuisine from $1 on the street, to $45 for a family of three at a nice restaurant. Our favorite restaurant is Cuba 1940s which features an indoor pool for dipping toes and listening to live music.
Conrad hotel Cartagena Colombia
Conrad hotel Cartagena Colombia
  • Orlando, Florida, USA – Any list of the best family destinations has to include Orlando – but not just because of the theme parks. Almost every restaurant chain in the country has a location to offer travelling families a taste of home, or a taste of somewhere different. The amusement parks are certainly a draw with Sea World, two parks from Universal Studios, and four Disney theme parks (and two water parks). Not to mention, Universal City Walk and Disney Springs offer guests off-park locations to engage with the brands, eat, and entertain. Cape Canaveral is also a short drive away to the “Space Coast” with its deep space history and now nearly weekly rocket launches.
Disney World Galaxy's Edge Orlando
Disney World Galaxy’s Edge Orlando
  • Paris, France – Not just for romantics, families love Paris, too. Parents can indulge in the exquisite flavors of world-famous French cuisine, and kids won’t grow tired of chocolates, macarons, baguettes, and au gratin potatoes. Cheap eats in the Latin Quarter are a short walk down the Sienne river from the Louvre museum. The Eiffel tower is essential for any trip (but buy your tickets in advance.)
Eiffel Tower Paris France Best Family Vacation
Eiffel Tower Paris France Best Family Vacation
  • Bangkok, Thailand – Off-the-beaten-path for Americans is the “Big Mango” but it shouldn’t be. Warm weather year-round, lush pools, and fresh fruit make Thailand’s capital city fun for families. Street food, cheap eats, nighttime river cruises, and tuk-tuk rides are great for kids. Add endless malls (multiple six, seven, and eight-story malls right next to each other) for a reprieve from the heat, night markets all over the city, and your family will be eating mango sticky rice and enjoying both the indoor and outdoor sites of beautiful Thailand.
Best Family Vacation Bangkok Thailand
Best Family Vacation Bangkok Thailand
  • Rome, Italy – Classic Roman architectural remains found around the city connect families with the past between pizza slices and unmissable gelato. Rome may not seem like a family destination at first, but from the Spanish Steps to throwing coins into Trevi Fountain, the city is full of sights and sounds that families can appreciate together. Kids will love the beautiful city, the delicious foods, and the many attractions Rome has to offer.
Pizza making class in Rome Italy
Pizza making class in Rome Italy

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One aspect that makes Scott & Thomas unique is that I personally travel with my family of three, including my six-year-old daughter, all over the world. Other agencies have families that travel, but we have taken my daughter to 24 countries by the time she was 24 months old. We know what makes a great family vacation, and we are able to take the reigns off of your travel destinations. Just because your child is with you doesn’t mean it’s all chicken nuggets and theme parks.

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