Guide to Royal Caribbean’s Royal Up Bidding Program

A comprehensive guide to the Royal Up program by Royal Caribbean, including an explanation of the bidding process, tips for increasing the chances of winning a bid, and potential implications of upgrading.
January 17, 2024

A comprehensive guide to the Royal Up program by Royal Caribbean, including an explanation of the bidding process, tips for increasing the chances of winning a bid, and potential implications of upgrading.

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Royal Up Program Overview

The Royal Up program by Royal Caribbean is an exciting opportunity for passengers to bid on higher cabin The Royal Up program by Royal Caribbean allows passengers to bid on higher cabin categories before their cruise, enhancing their anticipation and potential luxury. Passengers can choose from interior, oceanview, balcony, and suite options when bidding. It is advised to book the desired room category initially to secure accommodation and increase chances of upgrades through Royal Up.

The invitation process for bidding on cruise cabin upgrades in the Royal Up program is an exclusive opportunity that is not extended to all customers. Those who do receive an invitation have the chance to bid on a higher cabin category, potentially enhancing their cruise ship experience with more spacious and luxurious accommodations. Additionally, winning a bid in the Royal Up program can result in the immediate replacement of the original cabin with the upgraded cabin, promising an elevated level of comfort and enjoyment for the duration of the cruise. This program adds an element of excitement and possibility for passengers who are eager to enhance their cruise experience through a potential cabin upgrade.

Cabin Categories and Bidding

In the Royal Up program by Royal Caribbean, passengers can bid on different types of cabin or stateroom categories, such as interior, oceanview, balcony, and suites. Each category has its own unique features and amenities. It is important for passengers to understand these differences before participating in the bidding process. For example, an interior cabin is the most affordable option without windows, while a suite offers a luxurious experience with more space and enhanced amenities. Knowing these distinctions can help passengers make informed decisions when bidding through the Royal Up upgrade program.

Passengers are advised to book their desired room category initially and then potentially bid for an upgrade. This ensures that passengers secure their preferred accommodations while still having the chance to win an upgrade through bidding. Sharing personal experiences with the Royal Up program can also be valuable for other cruisers. Hearing about successful bids for upgrades to balcony cabins or suites can provide insights into the bidding process and increase the chances of winning a bid. By learning from others, passengers can navigate the Royal Up program effectively and maximize their chances of securing an upgraded cabin for their cruise.

Bidding Process and Guidelines

Here’s an overview of the process and guidelines for the Royal Up program:


  • You must have a confirmed booking with Royal Caribbean.
  • Not all sailings are eligible for Royal Up offers, and availability can vary.
  • The offer to participate in Royal Up is by invitation only, typically sent via email to eligible guests.

Bidding Process:

  • Receiving an Offer: If you’re eligible for the program, you’ll receive an email invitation to bid on a stateroom upgrade. This usually happens after your final payment has been made and could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before your sailing date.
  • Making a Bid: Click on the link in the email to access the bidding platform. Here, you’ll see the available stateroom categories you can bid on, along with a sliding scale indicating the minimum and maximum bid amounts for each category.
  • Bid Amount: Decide how much you’re willing to pay for the upgrade on top of what you’ve already paid for your existing reservation. This is a per-person rate based on double occupancy and is for the entire duration of the cruise, not per night.
  • Payment Details: Enter your payment information. If your bid is accepted, the card you provide will be charged with the amount of your bid. If your bid is not accepted, you won’t be charged.
  • Submitting Your Bid: Review your bid(s), and if you’re happy with the selection, submit your bid.
  • Waiting for Results: After you’ve submitted your bid, you’ll wait to hear back from Royal Caribbean. The review process can happen anytime up until 24 hours before your sailing date.
  • Bid Outcome: You will be notified via email whether your bid has been accepted or declined. If accepted, you’ll be automatically charged, and your reservation will be updated with your new stateroom details. If declined, you pay nothing extra and keep your original stateroom.

Guidelines and Tips:

  • You can modify or cancel your bid up until it is accepted.
  • Bids are made per cabin, not per person, but are based on double occupancy.
  • The exact stateroom within the upgraded category is assigned at the discretion of Royal Caribbean.
  • Factors influencing the success of a bid include the amount offered, the number of available staterooms in the higher category, and the number of other bids.
  • Only the first and second guests in the stateroom are charged the upgrade fee, even if additional guests are staying in the room.
  • Royal Up upgrades are subject to the terms and conditions provided by Royal Caribbean.

The Royal Up program offers guests a chance to experience higher-category staterooms at a potentially lower price than booking directly. However, it’s important to remember that the process is competitive, and submitting a bid does not guarantee an upgrade.

Furthermore, passengers are encouraged to thoroughly review the Terms & Conditions of the Royal Up program, particularly the non-refundable nature of accepted bids. By being well-informed about the program’s rules and regulations, passengers can make informed decisions when participating in the bidding process. This understanding ensures that passengers are fully aware of the implications of their bids and the potential outcomes of their participation in the Royal Up program.

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Cost, Upgrades, and Implications

Passengers participating in the Royal Up program must understand the costs, potential upgrades, and implications of bidding on a cabin upgrade. Bids are priced per person and if accepted, passengers are immediately charged. Passengers should carefully consider their budget and the value of the upgrade before bidding. Winning a bid may result in increased gratuity amounts, limitations on connecting rooms, and double Crown & Anchor Society points. Passengers should evaluate the trade-offs and benefits of winning a bid based on their preferences and priorities. Being well-informed is crucial for making suitable choices for the cruising experience.

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Confirmation and Cancellation Process

Once a passenger wins a bid for an upgraded cabin through the Royal Up program, they can anticipate a confirmation of their successful bid. The timing of this confirmation can vary, but it is crucial for passengers to be aware of when they can expect to receive it. It’s essential to understand that the confirmation process may occur closer to the sail date, so patience is key. For example, some passengers have reported receiving confirmation a few days before the cruise, while others have received it earlier. Therefore, it’s important for passengers to keep an eye on their email and any communication from the cruise line regarding the status of their bid.

In addition to understanding the timing of the confirmation, passengers are advised to carefully double-check their bids before submission. This includes ensuring that the bid amount and cabin category are accurate and in line with their preferences. Any necessary modifications or minute cancellations to a bid can typically be made before receiving the upgrade confirmation. By being thorough and attentive during the bidding and confirmation process, passengers can navigate the Royal Up program more effectively and make the most of their potential cabin upgrade. Accessing the Royal Up program through an email invitation or the cruise line’s website provides passengers with the essential information and guidelines for participating in the program, ensuring a seamless experience and minimizing any confusion or uncertainty.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

When it comes to the Royal Up program, personal experiences of winning an upgrade can provide invaluable insights for other passengers who are contemplating participating in the bidding process. For instance, one passenger shared that by bidding slightly higher than the minimum amount during a less busy time of the year, they were able to secure an upgrade from an interior cabin to a balcony stateroom. This success story illustrates the effectiveness of strategic bidding and timing, which can significantly increase the likelihood of winning a bid in the Royal Up program. Additionally, another passenger emphasized the importance of accessing the Royal Up program through the email invitation or the cruise line’s website, as it allowed them to review the available upgrade options and make an informed decision before placing their bid.

Furthermore, based on personal experiences, it is recommended that passengers thoroughly consider the recommendations and strategies provided by fellow cruisers to enhance their understanding and experience with the Royal Up program. These insights can include tips on how to maximize the chances of winning a bid, the potential benefits of sailing during less busy times, and the impact of bidding higher than the minimum amount. By taking these experiences and recommendations into account, passengers can make well-informed decisions when participating in the Royal Up program, ultimately enhancing their cruising experience with Royal Caribbean.

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