Why is Virgin Voyages Only for Adults?

Discover more reasons to choose Virgin Voyages' adults-only cruises with Scott & Thomas. From serene spaces and diverse activities to wellness and hassle-free enjoyment, embark on an unforgettable adult-centric adventure at sea.
April 7, 2024

When it comes to choosing a cruise, Virgin Voyages stands out for one very special reason—it’s exclusively for adults. This unique approach to cruising has sparked curiosity and excitement among those looking for a more mature getaway on the high seas. But why go adults-only? Let’s set sail into the reasons behind Virgin Voyages’ decision, guided by the expert insights from Scott & Thomas, your go-to travel companions for unforgettable journeys.

A Tailored Experience for Grown-Up Fun

Virgin Voyages, with its fleet including the glamorous Scarlet Lady and her equally stunning sister ship, has made a bold move by offering cruises that cater specifically to the adult traveler. This decision isn’t about excluding families but rather about creating an environment where adults can enjoy a vacation tailored to their desires. From the moment you board, you’ll notice the absence of kids running around, making it a peaceful retreat for those seeking relaxation and sophisticated fun.

One of the highlights of a Virgin Voyages cruise is the world-class amenities and dining experiences designed with adults in mind. Specialty dining options like the steak and seafood at the Wake or the Italian flavors at Extra Virgin offer gourmet meals that go beyond the typical cruise fare. Then there’s Pink Agave, an upscale Mexican restaurant, where the ambiance and menu cater to a more refined palate. All of these are part of Virgin Voyages’ commitment to providing exceptional, adult-oriented dining without the worry of navigating kid-friendly menus.

Unparalleled Freedom and Luxury

On Virgin Voyages ships, every area is a kid-free zone. This means you can expect tranquility by the pool, in the hot tubs, and during your meal times in the various dining rooms. Plus, the ship’s design maximizes ocean views, allowing for serene moments of ocean gazing from multiple points onboard, including from the comfort of your own cabin.

Understanding that staying connected matters to adults, whether for sharing moments with friends or keeping in touch with work, Virgin Voyages provides state-of-the-art Wi-Fi across its ships. This convenience, courtesy of Virgin Voyages, ensures that guests can post those breathtaking ocean views or stay up-to-date without skipping a beat.

Experiences That Enrich and Entertain

Virgin Voyages curates shore excursions that appeal to adult interests and tastes. Whether it’s exploring local cultures, diving into culinary adventures, or seeking out the thrills of nature, these excursions are designed to enrich your travel experience with memories that cater specifically to the adventurous spirit of adult travelers.

Virgin Voyages goes beyond the basics to offer perks and activities that resonate with adults. This includes everything from onboard tattoo parlors, where guests can uniquely commemorate their voyage, to fitness classes and spa treatments that rejuvenate the body and soul. It’s all about creating an atmosphere where adults can enjoy their vacation exactly how they wish, surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Dive Deeper Into Adults-Only Fun

Peaceful Spaces, Day and Night

Virgin Voyages ships, like the Scarlet Lady and her sister ship, aren’t just about keeping things quiet and serene; they’re about offering spaces where adults can enjoy their time, any time of day. Imagine lounging in a hammock on your private balcony, staring out at the sea with no interruptions, or finding a cozy corner in one of the ship’s many lounges to chat with new friends. It’s all about creating those perfect, peaceful moments that adults often look for on vacation.

Activities That Hit Different

Virgin Voyages understands that adults have diverse interests, which is why they pack their cruises with a variety of activities. It’s not just about sitting by the pool (though you can do that, too). Want to learn something new? Join a mixology class. Feeling competitive? There are onboard games and contests designed with adults in mind. Every activity, including live music performances and DJ sets, is chosen to ensure guests have a blast in ways that resonate more with grown-up tastes.

A Focus on Wellness and Self-Care

An adults-only cruise means you can focus on wellness and self-care without feeling self-conscious or worrying about disrupting a family-friendly environment. Virgin Voyages offers state-of-the-art fitness centers for those who want to stay active, plus there are free group classes like yoga and meditation. The onboard spa takes relaxation to the next level with treatments designed to rejuvenate and refresh, all in a tranquil, adult-oriented setting.

The Joy of No Planning Needed

One of the best parts about a Virgin Voyages cruise? Most of what you’ll want to do is already included in your fare. This means you can enjoy your vacation without constantly reaching for your wallet. Specialty dining, awesome shows, fitness classes, and even Wi-Fi are all part of the package. It’s hassle-free and designed to let you enjoy your getaway without sweating the small stuff.

Booking With Scott & Thomas: Your Ticket to Adults-Only Paradise

Choosing to book your Virgin Voyages cruise with Scott & Thomas isn’t just about getting a spot on the ship; it’s about customizing your entire experience to fit exactly what you’re looking for in a vacation. We know these cruises inside and out, and we’re here to help you pick the right voyage, plan your perfect shore excursions, and even score some exclusive deals.

The Adventure Awaits

With Virgin Voyages and Scott & Thomas, setting sail on an adult-only adventure has never been easier or more exciting. Whether you’re looking to unwind in adult-centric luxury, dive into new experiences, or simply enjoy the freedom and fun of a kid-free environment, Virgin Voyages has you covered. And with us at Scott & Thomas guiding the way, your journey will be smooth sailing from start to finish.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable cruise tailored just for adults? Let’s make it happen. Contact Scott & Thomas today, and let’s start planning your voyage on the open seas with Virgin Voyages, where the adventures are endless, and the memories are just waiting to be made. Your dream adults-only cruise vacation is just over the horizon.

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