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The beaches of Sanya, China

Our Staff Travels… A Lot

What makes Scott & Thomas so different from other travel agencies is that our concierges travel as you will. We fly coach, premium economy, business, and first-class. We take trains, Ubers, airport transfers, and even helicopters. We stay in hostels, Airbnbs, business hotels, and five-star palaces. A lot of agents think they travel, but not like our team. Here are some stats to better illustrate my point:

  • 24 countries visited on average by our staff members
  • 4 continents visited on average by our staff members
  • Every employee has lived in at least one other country on another continent
  • Every employee speaks at least two languages
Countries visited by Scott & Thomas staff
Countries visited by Scott & Thomas staff

Think of your favorite Italian restaurant. Each cook has a specialty, whether it’s pizza, pasta, sauces, desserts, or espresso. While any cook might be capable of cooking in another section, you certainly wouldn’t want sauce chef making your wedding cake. Why trust your honeymoon to an agent who hasn’t yet been there, and done that?

The beaches of Sanya, China
The beaches of Sanya, China

Is it bragging? Absolutely. We are proud of the millions of miles we have flown and thousands of nights we’ve spent in hotels. It provides us the experience and breadth of knowledge to know our clients want before they do.

Applying Experience For Our Clients

Our experience helps clients not only book what they want when they want it, but it also allows us to provide helpful information that may save a client time, money, or return more value or luxury to their experience.

For guests that have been everywhere and done everything, we can provide something different – choice. Clients that love Barcelona might consider the rolling hills and charming streetcars along the seaside of beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. Fans of the exotic Hawaiian islands might trade Poke for Pad Thai making Thailand their next adventure. For those who love Mexico but not the hustle and bustle of Cancun, we might recommend Mérida or Mazatlán.

We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to see more of the world with a better experience. Scott & Thomas travel concierges will book your flights, cruises, tours and accommodations, but the real value they deliver is when they recommend the best cacio e pepe in Rome, a tourist trap to avoid in Las Vegas or a speakeasy in England. We don’t just get our clients to and from the destination, we deliver value in helping our clients to maximize their experiences wherever they choose to go.

Cacio e pepe in Rome, Italy
Cacio e pepe in Rome, Italy

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